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Alluring Pools

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China Virus Note

We were never affected by the China virus and have remained fully operational. When we meet with you we can stay just as far apart as you would desire. We can meet outside or on the phone if you want.

We can and have been doing much of the normal collaboration and going over lots of the details and all of your questions about your future pool over the phone but I do need to at some point do a site visit to look over the finer details of your property, get lots of pictures and dimensions in order to give you an accurate cost for your project.

2020 has been a strong year for the pool and housing industry. We know the economy is exploding strong because swimming pools are a luxury and even so the industry is going so hard here in 2021 that we have to book crews weeks in advance where in the past several days to a week was ample time to get them onsite when we needed them. This thing is passing, very good things are going on in the background, people are resuming their lives, God is still in control  .   .   . 


So to Fully Enjoy The Arizona Lifestyle You've Got to Have a Pool!

We are going into another year of this strong economy and it will continue to be very busy again this season. One question that we get every time is "how long will it take you to build our pool"?


I have always said if your pool is not real complicated we can build it in 5 or 6 weeks and that has usually been the case. With the crews being so busy now and seeing more back log than ever I now have to say your pool may take more like 10 to 12 weeks. The bigger companies have always taken that much time and quite a bit more to build pools and will be taking even longer now. Most of them are in a race to see who can build the most pools every year. We’re only looking for 2 or 3 a month and then we can keep good control on the construction and workmanship. So if you will be having your pool built this year you will want to get in the line up very early, like right about now.

Let’s get together to talk about all of your needs for a new backyard pool and living space and to put a plan together to help you get these things you need. We can help you make life at home beautiful.




We have Great Financing that you can take advantage of and they can get you done quickly.


Easy Swimming Pool Control. You can have the type and level of control that you want. Have the Latest and Greatest Digital Control or “Set It and Forget It” timers that are just left alone.


Do you want a Purified Salt Water Pool which is very popular or even additional pool water sanitation such as a UV/O3 Water Purifier for the absolute safest water for your family to swim in.


Swim in your Pool just about year round with the available heating options. Get a Gas Heater to warm a body of water fast such as for your spa or a Heat Pump for longer more year round seasonal heated pool enjoyment.


To fully design your Swimming Pool with the sound of running water for example you can have a rock waterfall or some very nice copper scuppers to give a relaxing moving water sound in your background. There are many types of special water features that can be included in your pool project.


An Automated Pool Cover will keep your pool very safe from accidental pool entry of children and animals and will be the absolute best way to keep a heated pool warm year round. The covers open and close with the push of a button and are very secure and we have the brand new T4 Stainless Steel Cable Motor System available.



Making Pool Life Simple. There has never been a better time to own a pool with today’s energy efficient pool pumps, great filtration, optional infloor cleaning and circulation systems and powerful water purification options and a vast selection of other features and equipment. 


Any time I am asked "when is the best time to build" I always have to say now.


And that's because if it's Spring you need to build now to beat the heat. If it's Summer you can build and still have time to enjoy your pool and maybe a spa for the cool outdoor season. If it's Fall you want to get done before Winter so your yard is not torn up through the cold and rain and you can get your landscape established before the following year. If it's Winter you want to beat the Spring Rush and Next Years Pricing Increases. It's always best if you are going to do this thing, to just do it now and get it done.

In order to give you the service and attention that you would expect and deserve we are a local residential in-ground new pool builder working primarily in Queen Creek, San Tan Valley, Gilbert, Chandler and S.E. Mesa areas unless perhaps by referral of course.

We are purposely a smaller company and intend to stay like this in order to be able to take care of the details of your pool project in a timely manner and to keep our overhead low. So for that reason we are able to build your pool quite a bit faster than any of the large companies.

There is lots of information on this website in order to help you begin your research on all of the pool equipment, options and materials that you will have to select for your pool or landscape project. Dig around, check it out.


Alluring Pools and Improvements

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This classification allows the licensee to construct and repair of appurtenances to residential structures. Work related to electrical, plumbing, air conditioning systems, boilers, and water wells must be subcontracted to an appropriately licensed contractor.  This scope includes the CR-21, B-5, and all B-4R sub-classifications.