Alluring Pools

and Improvements

Alluring Pools

and Improvements

 Making Life at Home Comfortable

One Beautiful Fire at a Time


You can have any Fire Feature that you could want or imagine. We will Custom Build it for You.

We are licensed to build Fire Features, Fire Structures, Grills, Fire Tables, Fire Places etc. We can run your Gas and Electrical lines for these Structures.

 We have a New Line of Exposed Metal Frame – Stone – Tile – Stainless Steel or Copper Fire Structures coming soon!

We use only Bobe Water and Fire Components in the Construction of your Project.

BOBE has Mastered the “Perfect Flame”.

       Their Products are Solidly Built from Heavy Gauge Stainless Steel or Copper, Tig Welded and Built in the USA and right here in Phoenix Arizona.

These Components can be used to build Flame into really about any type of structure that you may have in mind. We are building from scratch so anything is possible.

With Our New Metal Frame Structures coming out soon you will also be able to have any type Grill – Outdoor Kitchen, Fire Table or Outdoor Fireplace Constructed by us to fit any space or location on your property. This is going to look and feel much nicer and be much more customizable than the typical cmu wall block construction commonly used for these structures.

Create a centerpiece to your outdoor design with our Torch 360 Degree water/fire bowl. Our seamless lip carries the water over the bowl and cascades down in a beautiful sheet. The fire element can be manually lit or remotely controlled and our Perfect Flame burner will delight the eyes with tall dancing flames.

Available in round and square in various sizes and finishes, select the model that will best highlight your outdoor design. If you would like to customize your bowl, just ask!

American Made Grills – Outdoor Kitchens and Fireplaces

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Alluring Pools and Improvements

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This classification allows the licensee to construct and repair of appurtenances to residential structures. Work related to electrical, plumbing, air conditioning systems, boilers, and water wells must be subcontracted to an appropriately licensed contractor.  This scope includes the CR-21, B-5, and all B-4R sub-classifications.