Alluring Pools

and Improvements

Alluring Pools

and Improvements

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Design Options

You have a Lot of Options to choose from as you Create that Amazing Place for Family and Friends to Spend Quality Time Together!

Let’s talk about how you will use the swimming pool and the rest of the area. What type of recreation and entertaining do you want to be able to do? Do you already have some or all of your design ideas in mind or drawn up on a plan? We can work with you to create something amazing.

So below are some of the potential design options that you will need to make selections for to include in your swimming pool during the planning stage of your project.



There is a wide selection of tile for your pool. The waterline tile is the tile row right at the top of the water just below the deck. Your Tile is the “Icing on the Cake” so the Tile along with the Interior Finish have a strong influence on the finished look of your pool so you will want to take the time to pick nice tile.



Interior Finish, normally known as Plaster, will be from a selection of Pebble Finishes. White Plaster is not commonly used anymore except on a very low budget pool due to the issues that go with it. Pebble is going to last a very long time and is a much nicer finish for your pool.



The decking is the walkway around the pool and other areas. Travertine and Porcelain Pavers are for the most part taking the place of Cool Deck which scratches and fades and has to be refinished about every 5 yrs. All pavers, even concrete pavers, are beautiful in pool designs and will last forever.


Here in Arizona we really do have a great variety of plants, palms  and trees and we can easily have year round color with all of the different bloom seasons of the different plants and shrubs. Almost all of it is Low Water, Drought Tolerant Material.


To Fully Enjoy the Arizona Lifestyle you are going to need Shade. You can put up Shade Structures, Shade Trees or both. Let’s make sure we help you plan your design for some serious Shade even if  you phase some of it in later. You don’t have to do it all at once.


A big part of the Arizona Lifestyle especially during the cooler outdoor season is doing a lot of great outdoor grilling. Let us help you plan your outdoor kitchen.


Can We Do Something Different?

Let’s Do Something Different!

I always mention that you should beware of all the “helpful advise” given to you by neighbors, relatives, co workers etc. on how you should build your pool. I would encourage you to do your research, and this site is in place to help you with that, and just go through your mind looking at all the ways you will use your pool and what areas you would like to see certain things happening in. A good original pool design is not real hard to come up with after all of your important ideas are carefully considered. I can help you with that but it is your pool so we need to design it to meet your needs. I would encourage you to avoid looking at the online pool galleries so you don’t end up doing like all of the other “lemmings running into the pool”.

Probably 85% of the pools in this region all have this very common design, a pool with a wall above the backside with rust colored ledge stone and 3 sheer descent waterfalls. Part of the reason for that is because the salesman all over the region just do the same pool design for everyone because it’s easy and also because the industry is a copycat industry. We can come up with something original that fits your lifestyle by just having some good conversations. I also want to mention that there is nothing wrong with a simple pool. If you have extra money to spend we can make your pool a little bigger or a little deeper if you want.  And many times a pool goes out of budget because of a lot of bells and whistles but then it gets shrunk in size or depth and/or we reduce the decking area, that was originally kind of needed, in order to save some money for the bells and whistles that are many times where you get the “least bang for the buck”. So let’s be sure we do what you really want to do and need and that fits the requirements of your lifestyle and let’s not be afraid to do something different.

Alluring Pools and Improvements

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